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Triboelectric detection is a reliable and accurate method to optimize industrial dust collection and baghouse operations. Sensitivity exceeds common optical solutions, and provides predictive capability to prevent downtime and compliance problems.


Downtime, product damage, maintenance hassles and energy costs are common frustrations of pneumatic conveying systems. Triboelectric process control, flow detection and particle velocity monitoring allows engineers to optimize performance and reduce downtime and loss. 


Auburn Instruments

From the first commercialized bag leak detection system, through the .dsp DC/AC unified signal processing, to particle and flow monitoring for pneumatic conveying, Auburn Systems' array of triboelectric instruments reduce downtime and cost in manufacturing facilities.


About Auburn Sytems

40 years, > 25 patents, > 45,000 installations, 2 generations and a rich history of innovative electronic instrumentation helping companies comply and compete in industries from steel and pharma to food and cement


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