Application Note: Particulate Monitoring Proves Reliable with Carbon Black

Long-term Particulate Monitoring Reliability is Achievable for Carbon Black Production

cover_app-note_carbon-black-1.pngRaw carbon black production processes are extremely harsh and demanding - with temperatures reaching 1400ºF, moisture being used for quality control, and SO2  causing corrosion issure for equipment - it's no wonder that particulate monitoring becomes a challenge.

With the US-EPA tightening regulation and increasing enforcment, 2 plants decided to find out for themselves how triboelectric particulate monitoring matched up against opacity meters and light scatter devices. 

Request the Carbon Black Application Note today to learn how these plants: 

  • Proved triboelectric particulate monitoring to be more reliable than opacity meters and light scatter devices
  • Reduced required maintenance from every 3-4 months to every 1.5 years in some applications and from weekly to monthly in dirtier applications
  • Used automatic self health checks and automatic EPA self tests to ensure device operation and simplify compliance


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