Emission and Process Applications

Auburn designs and manufactures instrumentation to monitor dust, powder and bulk solids for environmental and process control applications. Our present generation of instrumentation (TRIBO.dsp U3000 series) represents our most advanced electrostatic equipment available, suitable for most dust emission applications as well as process applications.

The benefits for our triboelectric technology include improved emissions monitoring, dust collection system maintenance as well as innovative solutions for process applications.


PM 2.5 Emissions Compliance Monitoring and MACT Bag Leak Detection Requirements

Triboelectric dust monitoring technology meets the increasing demands of today’s regulatory environment. With detection ranges down to o 0.000002 g/dscf (0.005 mg/m3) triboelectric systems are the most advanced particulate monitoring technology available. (Compare with opacity detectors that are limited to only 0.0010 g/dscf or 20 times less sensitive.) This means seeing emissions levels in realtime long before they reach maximum permissible levels, unlike other methods (i.e. opacity) that only register a signal once emissions have exceed the maximum permissible limit. With this level of detection sensitivity Auburn Systems’ TRIBO product line meets and exceeds the EPA regulation for bag leak detection systems required by many MACT emissions standards.

Auburn Systems’ TRIBO product line is the most advanced triboelectric technology currently available. With several models to fit every application, from the most basic to the most complex. Learn more about Tribo emission compliance applications here!

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Dust Collection Monitoring, Maintenance and Operation and Ambient Dust Monitoring

Triboelectric emissions monitoring helps improve dust collection system operation and maintenance. By providing additional insight into operation in realtime these systems provide predictive maintenance capabilities, which in turn improves overall operation and reduces unexpected system downtime. Facilities around the world have used Auburn Systems’ TRIBO series of detection systems to improve their preventative maintenance programs, thus increasing reliability and capacity of their systems.

Additionally, using a special configuration our TRIBO products can also be used for monitoring ambient dust levels throughout a facility. This proves especially useful for facilities handling combustible dusts. TRIBO ambient dust monitoring can alert personnel to a rise in dust levels before they reach critical levels that pose a safety hazard.

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Process Control

Beyond emissions monitoring, our triboelectric technology has proved itself an invaluable solution to various engineering challenges faced in numerous process applications. By making use of its powerful detection abilities Auburn can configure its TRIBO products to perform a number of different process tasks, such as Flow/No Flow, More Flow/Less Flow and Particle Velocity Monitoring. With these abilities, engineers have been able to use TRIBO products tosolve many difficult engineering issues.

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