Cut Back on Compressed Air Usage

Clean the baghouse only when necessary, significantly reducing the cost of compressed air usage

Extend Filter Media Life

Filter media life is a result of the number of cleaning cycles - not the total months or years that the filters have been used.

Intelligent controls will only clean the baghouse when it is absolutely necessary

Particulate Monitoring

Comply with EPA regulations while combining baghouse controls and particulate monitoring to provide leak locatiing down to the specific row of filters

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Get immediate notification of baghouse failures and the location of the issue that needs attention - reducing discovery time from hours to minutes

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Predict when maintenance will be required on industrial dust collectors with enough time to schedule maintenance at a time that's convienent

Actionable Diagnostics to Reduce Maintenance Time and Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

B-PAC Actionable Diagnotics to Eliminate Excessive Maintenance Costs
Using baghouse diagnostics, plant operators are able to: 

  • Locate failing filter media by compartment and row often weeks before emission levels become reportable

  • Avoid plugged filters and multiple failures by quickly detecting and locating shorted and open solenoids

  • Detect and locate frozen/ruptured pulse diaphrams - avoiding excessive compressed air usage and minimizing the chance of blinded filters

Using the predictive monitoring capabilities of baghouse control systems (such as EPA self checks, intelligent diagnostics, and process alarms) allows organizations to automatically be notified at the first sign of impending failures well before an issue becomes critical. This allows the organization to plan maintenance and repairs at a time when it is convenient for them. 

Cut Back on Compressed Air Usage and Extend Filter Media Life

Intelligent cleaning systems allow plant operators to adjust the cleaning cycles of their baghouse automatically based on differential pressure, allowing companies to: 

  • Only clean when the baghouse is outside of the designated differential pressure - no longer requiring continuous or timed cleaning cycles
  • Increase filter media life by upto 60% by only cleaning when neccessary
  • Reduce compressed air usage by upto 40%  by only cleaning when neccessary

When compared to basic timer boards or traditional cleaning methods, intelligent cleaning systems ensure that cleaning only takes place when there is a need - avoiding unneccessary wear on filter media and excessive compressed air usage. 

Move Beyond Emissions Compliance

TRIBO_dsp_U3400.jpgParticulate monitoring has been replacing opacity meters and visual emissions inspections as a preferred method of complying with EPA regulations because of the  increased sensitivity that triboelectric monitoring offers over emissions monitoring methods

Incorporating particulate monitoring into a baghouse control systems allows plants to: 

  • Detect impending filter leaks at the first sigh of filter media wear
  • Trigger both early warning and critical alarms to notify the facility of an impending filter failure before it becomes a reportable event
  • Help extend the life of filter media by knowing when replacements are neccessary not just when they are recommended

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