Air Quality and Emissions Show 2015 - Telford, England

Posted by Earl Parker on May 4, 2015 8:30:00 AM
Auburn Systems was proud to attend the Air Quality & Emissions Show 2015 in Telford, England along with our distributor Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd located in Sheffield, England.  The event focused on industrial emissions and stack monitoring of (Part A) processes regulated by the Environment Agency, ambient air quality monitoring,the emissions to air of Part A2 and Part B processes controlled by local authorities, MCERTS standards, aspects of air quality protection and treatment.

As we continue to expand our international presence it was important to work closely with a partner to help us understand the environmental market in the UK and Europe.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd is a diverse partner who truly understands the needs of their customers.  EMS works in partnership with their clients to ensure that regulations, legislation and environmental goals are met. They have put together an expert team having years of experience providing environmental monitoring, consultancy and training services. We at Auburn Systems felt this was a perfect match paralleling our own commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers. So when they invited us to participate with them in the AQE 2015 show, we quickly accepted.
This was the 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Air Quality and Emissions featuring many companies who offer products and services for the environmental market.

The show provided exhibitors, workshops and conferences covering topics such as:

Monitoring, Manual Stack Monitoring, Abatement Technologies, Fugitive Emissions, and Operator Monitoring Assessment.Ambient Monitoring, CEMS, Dioxin Monitoring, Mcerts, Regulation, Calibration, Air Treatment, Discontinuous Monitoring, Gas Analysis, Odour Monitoring & Treatment, Data Acquisition, Workplace Monitoring, Fence Line Monitoring, Manual Stack Monitoring, Abatement Technologies, Fugitive Emissions, and Operator Monitoring Assessment. 
The visitors to the show all had a common interest - they were searching for a solution to help them meet environmental compliance issues.  Auburn and EMS are able to fill these requirements, offering reliable monitoring equipment and professional experience to help provide the solutions needed by manufacturers.

Do you need MCERTS and TUV QAL1?

We have long offered products that are affordable and reliable and that provide our customers with the ability to improve their baghouse maintenance, reduce their downtime, protect equipment and provide cost savings.  We also know that depending on the environmental regulations, sometimes manufacturers have no choice but to install equipment having a performance certification in order to be in compliance.  As regulations differ from country to country, the show helped us to better understand the certifications by visiting and meeting with personnel at the TUV (QAL1) and CSA (MCERTS) stands during the show.  

Ambient Fugitive Dust Monitoring

One of the more frequent requests from the visitors to the show was a need for monitoring the ambient dust levels around their facilities.  Complying with PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 was a common concern.  EMS has had experience helping their customers with just this type of application. 
Using air sampling technology and their eDAS (Environmental Data Acquisition System), the customer gets a total package, being able to monitor the dust levels around the facility continuously.  The eDAS product allows facilities to monitor multiple instruments and data channels through a number of logical and flexible interfaces, centralizing and automating all of the customer's environmental monitoring activities. 

AQE a Success!

Overall the two day show provided us with a great opportunity to work more closely with EMS and to gain important perspective into the environmental monitoring industry.  We were able to learn more about products and services and gain insight into the requirements of our customers.  AQE 2015 provided a great venue with relevant programs and topics, making the trip a very worthwhile experience.

We look forward to using this experience to further broaden Auburn's focus on providing total solutions for the environmental compliance and monitoring.


Topics: Air Quality, Environmental Monitoring