Evolution of Triboelectric Bag Leak Detection System Technology

Posted by Justin Dechene on Apr 9, 2015 3:30:00 PM

A trip down memory lane!         


 Have you ever wondered where a specific product or technology came from? How it was derived, and what the history of such technology is? Well we do too, and we are proud to share highlights from our story specific to the development of triboelectric technology and the market niche it has filled for over 40 years.

Recently we created a timeline, and found it pretty interesting to review the development of Triboelectric Technology as it correlates directly to the history of Auburn Systems.  Ron Dechene  (Auburn's Founder and CEO) was the founder of triboelectric technology, and along with key team members Bob Newton and Tom Smith pioneered a new industry. Since the inception of Auburn,  we have always believed that constant change and constant improvement would be imperative to developing a sustainable product suite.  We also believed that this product could best solve our customer's monitoring issues, while also inherently doing good and helping the environment.

The timeline truly represented Auburn's many firsts in the market development of triboelectric technology and was quite rewarding to recall.  And to think that now well over 100,000 triboelectric detectors are functioning worldwide to the environmental benefit of so many….well it makes all of us here at Auburn quite proud - and also excited, as the work is not done! We have new upgrades coming soon continuing our commitment to improvement which will help our customers better monitor and measure particulates and dust.

It was great fun to sit with Ron and Earl Parker (Auburn's VP of Sales and a top Industry technical sales expert) and go through the many years of industrial impact specific to the technology. Here are some of the highlights:

·         Triboelectric Technology developed in 1977 by Auburn Systems

·         1st installation at a Waste to Incineration Plant (RESCO / Wheelabrator)

·         1st approval via the EPA in 1997 (Secondary Lead MACT standard)

·         1st commercial all digital unit

·         1st commercial introduction of Unified DC/ AC monitoring for the measurement of the full 100% of the triboelectric signal

The complete timeline can be found in our new infographic titled "Triboelectric Technology Evolution

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