Questions to ask your Baghouse manufacturer when a BLDS will also be spec'd

Posted by Justin Dechene on Jan 14, 2016 1:00:00 PM


Baghouse manufacturers are in many ways great OEM partners for a Bag Leak Detection System manufacturer, and for years relationships like this have been both synergistic and mutually beneficial … But remember that Baghouse Manufacturers are experts providing their solution, not necessarily the BLDS that is also being specified. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to offer a guide to buyers as to questions to ask in order to make the best BLDS solution decision.


Here are five that we recommend:

1. Will this satisfy all the monitoring and reporting requirements from my air permit?

For instance, for many MACT standards, visual, and differential pressure monitoring are no longer acceptable. Bag Leak Detection Systems are required.

2. Will this simplify my reporting or complicate it?

Will hourly or daily inspections be required? How often will sensors require calibration? How many detection points will be used? How will data be collected? Stored? Compiled?

3. Is it sensitive enough to detect trends? How about leaks before they become reportable events?

Many lower cost monitoring systems, even some that satisfy permit requirements, only alarm once the reportable threshold has been exceeded. What options do you have to prevent a dust excursion?

4. How reliable is it? What kind of maintenance upkeep does this require?

Once it’s set up and verified, what is required on a shift, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis to keep it operating as intended and required? Do you really want more PM tasks?

5. Will it reduce the maintenance burden and prevent downtime?

Are multiple, early alarm levels available? Will the instrumentation help to quickly locate a leak to the compartment level? Will it allow you to drive down bag replacement costs? Can it help to predict failures and prevent unplanned downtime?

Every business has unique production, regulatory and permit requirements which have to be balanced against capital investment, operational efficiency and ongoing repair, maintenance, downtime and operational costs.

These 5 questions will help you make informed decisions and ensure that your baghouse OEM or detection vendor is helping you pick the right instrumentation for your dust collector - not just the standard, easy, cheap or most profitable option.

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