Should You Hire a Consultant to Help with Your Dust Collection Systems

Posted by Earl Parker on Dec 3, 2014 6:00:00 AM

consultants can assist with dust collection systems proceduresDeciding to hire an outside consultant for expertise in dust collection systems is a decisions companies often face as compliance becomes more specialized.  Scope of services offered and cost/value are common considerations. There's never a simple decision, but there are some pros and cons to consider when making that decision.

Air quality compliance is often viewed as a bottom line requirement and administrative hassle… this is a mistaken impression. Given the proper focus, improving your emissions control process can not only support compliance, but also create savings around dust collection systems maintenance and operation.

Of course accurate reliable triboelectric detection is a great starting point.  Integrated devices and centralized logging and reporting are refinements which many companies value.  But independent, experienced expertise and be a crucial component in your facility’s compliance process.

1.) Pro: Wide Scope of Services

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an outside compliance expert to review your facility’s dust collection systems is the perspective they bring.  Typically they can assist with related topics including:

  • Emissions control equipment and performance
  • Permit reporting
  • Compliance with standards of various regulatory bodies, including MACT and EPA regulation
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Bag leak detection and maintenance
  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) installations
  • Compliance auditing procedures
  • Periodic system evaluations
  • Particulate control

Whether you hire a consultant as your "contracted" resource or simply to review your procedures, suggest improvements and help to refine your procedures for increased efficiency, they will have experience across a number of facilities.  They'll understand what's important, where efficiency can be created and what needs specific attention.

2.) Con: The Cost

Of course, hiring an outside expert to assist with air quality compliance will come at a cost to your company.  Frequently companies just consider the invoice without understanding other factors which determine the real bottom line impact.

However, a quality air compliance consultant will prove their worth in short time, as the advantages of an engagement can significantly outweigh the costs. With a consultant engaged to assist, you should be able to develop best practice, documented procedures to efficiently execute each task - and maybe your engagement will actually include them executing as well. When justifying hiring a compliance consultant who has experience with dust collection systems, it’s important to highlight the great savings quality compliance can bring.

3.) Pro: Proactively planning for air permit renewal

Having an outside consultant advise on your emissions monitoring tasks is one of the most efficient ways to improve your facility’s compliance across the board, especially when it comes to air permit requirements and efficient reporting. An insightful and experienced consultant will streamline your permit application / renewal process, and help you efficiently address particulate monitoring requirements in your facility.

And a good consultant will help ensure you meet all regulations for your facility, regardless of the issuing agency. If you’re interested in hiring an outside professional to see to your air quality compliance applications, be sure to find one that covers all regulation standards for your facility, such as:

  • BACT, MACT and RACT analytics
  • Title V (CAM) compliance monitoring
  • USEPA emissions requirements
  • New Source Review (NSR) permits
  • PSD reporting

4.) Con: Legwork for the Ideal Partner

Some manufacturers and industrial decision-makers are hesitant to outsource their air control compliance tasks is that the perceived legwork for hiring the right agency may seem like too much effort at first; why go through the trouble of finding and hiring an outside agency when we can establish an in-house compliance team?

The answer to this question is value. With dedicated compliance personnel as part of your staff, you commit their time to administrative tasks which don't create value. Hiring an outside consultant to handle all of your air quality control needs is often worth the investment, and the savings they end up generating in reduced staffing, better compliance and predictive monitoring and even timely reporting often substantially exceed the cost.

5.) Pro: Complete Your Compliance 'System'

In the end hiring an outside agency to handle your air compliance tasks is often worth the investment, as it’s the final component of a perfect emissions monitoring system. When combined with effective triboelectric monitoring technologies and logging/reporting systems, outside professionals can substantially offload your company’s compliance process.

But you have to pick a consultant carefully.  When you hand them responsibility for compliance, you take a leap of faith, because you're still liable.  So make sure that you select a consultant judiciously.  What's at stake is more than just efficient operation of your dust collection systems!

One of the things that makes Auburn Systems really unique (in addition to having invented triboelectric bag leak detection and developing the only unified signal processing technology) is the consultative approach we take.  Every company says that, not many do that.  We've actually saved customers thousands in compliance costs by simply coaching them through how to effectively write their air permit paperwork.

Want us to reach out six months prior to your next air permit renewal to chat about how you can simplify your compliance?  Fill out our quick form here and we'll do so.

In the meantime, interested in how "Intelligent Monitoring" can deliver more value to your company?  Download our free eBook.

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