Start Planning for Your 2016 Scheduled Baghouse Maintenance Shutdowns

Posted by Nicholas Connell on Jan 12, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Save-On-Baghouse-Maintenance-With0Triboelectric-Dust-Monitoring.jpgIt is important to plan ahead now to not waste time during your maintenance shutdowns for 2016. While many have large scale projects to complete, it’s also a good time to inspect and review smaller items and areas for improvement. 

Here are a few items our experience tells us are important for plants to not overlook when planning for their next shutdown. 

Meeting Compliance Requirements and Improving Efficiency

Some forthcoming emissions and safety regulations may require a stricter dust monitoring and reporting compared to previous standards. A shutdown could be an excellent opportunity to implement a plant-wide switch to triboelectric dust detection and monitoring. 

In reality, installing a triboelectric systems does not require a full shutdown. However, a shutdown would make the process easier and allow for a total changeover to triboelectric-based maintenance scheduling and compliance reporting. 

Using a tribo system can dramatically change the way dust collector maintenance is planned and executed. By providing far more accurate emissions data planners can estimate when filters will require changing and preemptively schedule bag changeouts and other repairs. 

Additionally, switching to a tribo monitoring system can prove a good impetus for making changes to compliance reporting methods. Our blog has frequently discussed how triboelectric systems can simplify emissions reporting and provide environmental engineers with far more warning to prevent reportable events

Dust Collector Shutdown Maintenance

The most common task done during shutdowns is filter replacement. Beyond changeouts a shutdown is also a good time to inspect and review the condition of the unit(s). 

Consider conducting a dye leak test to identify any leaks in the structure of the unit, leaking filters, and replace/repair where needed. Inspect the cleaning system and repair/replace damage valves and other parts. Inspect the system fans, including bearings, bushings, belts, gears, etc. and if called for test for CFM and vacuum pressure.

Consider Hiring Outside Consultant to Conduct System AuditExpert-Advice-From-Dust-Emissions-Experts.jpg

Bringing in outside experts can provide many benefits. Paying for their expertise can provide returns many times over their cost. By bringing an outside consultant in during a shutdown they can have better access to all areas of your facility’s systems and compile a more detailed and accurate report. Their suggestions commonly result in increases of efficiency and reductions in operating costs while increasing capacity and simplifying maintenance procedures. 


Scheduled shutdowns prove quite hectic and those in charge often find it difficult to complete every objective on time. With advanced planning the dust collection equipment tasks need not cause undue stress. Review your systems ahead of time and identify what tasks could require attention during a shutdown and which can be taken care of during online operations. 

If you have emissions monitoring areas needing attention during your next maintenance shutdown- Contact Auburn Systems today and let us help you!

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