Tips on Proper Installation of a Bag Leak Detection System

Posted by Earl Parker on Oct 28, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Understand leak detectors to get the best performance out of your monitoring system.Equipping your dust collection systems with an innovative, efficient leak detection system can improve not only your manufacturing performance and maintenance, but also help meet compliance requirements. Knowing how these technologies work, and how to deploy them for optimal performance is key to the ultimate effectiveness of your system.

Modern Advances and Choosing the Right Technology

Quite simply, legacy detection systems are far less capable than the latest technologies and customization options. Today, detection systems can be customized for individual applications; installing the perfect system comes from knowing your options, and knowing how each of these options can potentially benefit your systems.

Today’s leak detection systems have surpassed their predecessors in an array of ways, with the newest models boasting:

  • Unparalleled signal filtering
  • Networked sensors and devices
  • Compliance reporting
  • Centralized data logging and monitoring
  • Integration with common factory automation systems
  • Unified AC/DC systems (which grant 100% signal range coverage)
  • Parametric monitoring
  • Optimized sensor sensitivity

When evaluating a leak detection system, make sure that you are consulting a group which takes an application centric view and pays attention to all the details of your situation.  Properly spec’d and deployed a state of the art bag leak detection system can reduce operating costs; haphazardly selected systems, however, are an expense with little value.

New Installation Processes, Challenges and Precautions

When installing a leak detection system in an industrial facility, project managers need to anticipate common challenges. It’s important to anticipate any possible facility changes as well as consider budgeting and air permit implications.

Much of maintaining a modern leak detection system comes down to understanding the technical capabilities of today’s models. While traditional detection systems had to be periodically recalibrated, new models can be installed, adjusted and left alone; they feature seamless “set and forget” installation.

This is only one of the technical advancements leak detection systems come with today, which can negate any concerns manufacturing engineers have toward these systems due to past limitations. Manufacturers of modern leak detection systems have overcome virtually all the shortcomings and technical limits of past models.

Download the ebook Now As capabilities have improved and prices decreased more intricate, modular installations have become feasible. The varying installation methods, including main stack, sectional and compartment installation, provide benefits all their own. Providing a far more granular and actionable view of the dust collection operation, these modular installations elevate monitoring from a simple yes/no compliance tool to a predictive maintenance and operational effectiveness system.

Before proposing installing a leak detection system, build a case that addresses both the benefits and concerns of adopting these technologies across all constituencies in yoru company. Bringing a new leak detection system into a facility requires, as with adopting any other new technologies, an investment. Thoroughly outline the maintenance savings and operational benefits of these technologies, and justify the initial investment clearly. If you can justify the cost of a leak detection system for your needed applications, installation can begin sooner, and with broad organizational backing.

Why Proper Installation is Crucial

Finding the ideal leak detection system is an often-overlooked way for manufacturers to reduce the overall maintenance and compliance costs within their business. Integrating and installing these technologies requires minimal investment, and returns on initial costs in short time by mitigating leak risks.

Installing the right leak detection system, equipped with the appropriate customizations and installed using the right methods, can limit work for support teams, and lessen damage caused to neighboring bags when a bag leak occurs. Innovative bag leak detection systems also address many broader business goals, which is why it’s important to install only the most compatible and efficient models for your use.

  • Increase your technological capabilities with up-to-date, efficient systems
  • Generate maintenance savings, mitigate operation risks and meet compliance needs with regulations
  • Protect your brand’s image through proactive environmental monitoring as part of overall corporate social responsibility

It’s important to treat your leak detection system as more than just a tool to meet industry permit requirements; these technologies are investments to better your systems and facility as a whole, and can save you greatly on maintenance, compliance and operation costs.

Properly installing the right bag leak detection system can save your business significant maintenance dollars. To learn more about how an efficient leak detection system can benefit your business, and mitigate leak risks, contact us today.

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