Emissions Compliance Data Management From Auburn Systems

New environmental reporting rules have created a need for more appropriate computerized reporting systems designed specifically to analyze and organize massive quantities of emissions data.

Many older plant control systems only handle production and process control, and do not include ancillary data management functions with no thought given to emissions compliance reporting. Compliance engineers often have to scrape together the required data for their reports from multiple separate source systems (clipboards, dirty log sheets and spreadsheets) and reformat, organize and then compile them all into one unified report (tediously copying and pasting over and over again). This process is incredible tedious and wasteful of both time and resources and often results in errors that can be costly if included in sensitive emissions reports.


This process can be greatly streamlined and simplified by using an integrated emissions compliance reporting and monitoring system offed by Auburn Systems, called This software is an OPC compliant management tool, compatible with all levels of plant information systems. This system serves as a bridge between field instrument data and all levels of information management bringing it directly to the managers desktop. In addition to data from triboelectric monitors, this application can also integrate other operations data required for compliance reporting (e.g. Temperature, fan amps ,differential pressure, ancillary manufacturing activities, etc.) into one unified location. is designed to provide timely and accurate information for managers and operators by incorporating dynamic and interactive features. is an open architecture, OPC complaint, data management software
• Eliminates cumbersome data capturing, users manage only the data they need
• Flexible, user defined, configurations provide custom alarm schemes and reporting
• Capable of handling data inputs from all plant processes and areas
• Performs as a standalone system or as a compliment/enhancement to existing plant software

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