Dust Monitoring

In addition to emission compliance, TRIBO.series detectors by Auburn Systems provide a host of benefits to dust collection operation and maintenance. With their ability to detect minute small changes in the level of particulate flow (0.000002 g/dscf (0.005 mg/m3) triboelectric systems can help plant personnel to quickly recognize any issues that may arise.



Quickly Detect Leaking Filters - Triboelectric bag leak detection systems can detect leaks just minutes after developing. Early failure detection can save users significant maintenance and operating costs when operators respond to the onset of filter problems before disastrous failures occur. Undetected leaks eventually develop into severe collector failures and significant plant disruption and downtime to correct the problem. In some cases when fabric filters are used to collect the final product, such as in the cement industry, filter failure results in economic loss as well as additional air pollution.

Extend Useful Service Life of Filters -Dust collector performance is accurately and continuously monitored, assuring operators of overall collector efficiency. It has been reported that with the help of our monitors, the filter bag life can be extended by years, well beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Predictive Maintenance - By tracking and recording realtime emissions data triboelectric dust monitoring systems provide plant personnel with the information needed to successfully plan future maintenance tasks such as repairs and filter replacement. With trending emissions data maintenance planners can predict with relative certainty when filters will no longer meet their emissions standards and need replacing. This means planning ahead for changeouts, purchasing filters, scheduling a changeout for the most convenient time (e.g. scheduled maintenance outage) and avoiding costly unscheduled outages.

Dust monitoring is about more than checking the compliance box - read our free ebook "A Guide to Intelligent Dust Monitoring Systems"