Historical Highlights


Auburn Systems releases the TRIBO.hs Model 5000 - the first particle velocity monitor. 

Auburn Systsm names Justin Dechene as new President. 


Auburn Systems awarded Processing Magazine's Breakthrough Product of the Year for the TRIBO.dsp Series of particulate monitors. 


TRIBO.dsp Series proves to be great success for Auburn and the most advanced electrostatic/triboelectric digital operating platform available anywhere, opening many new applications. Auburn continues to roll out new products based on its proprietary TRIBO.dsp Series technology platform. U3200 and U3800 Multichannel are introduced.

Coal injector that would benefit from the use of triboelectric technology


Triboelectric Technology Evolution

TRIBO.dsp Series, Auburn’s new technology platform is introduced for more stable and reliable signals, resists electrical interference resistance,

even in harsh industrial environments. The upgraded 3400 (now U3400) and U3600 are introduced to market.


Auburn launches Beijing, China operation


TRIBO.vision an OPC compliant alarm and event software is introduced, reputed to be one of the best alarm and event software programs in the our field


TRIBO.d2 3400 the first electrostatic/triboelectric, two-wire, low-power single point monitoring system for multi-channel bag leak detection for large-scale dust collector applications.


Auburn is one of the earliest members of OPC Foundation (OPenConnectivity: an international data transmission standard) and is OPC compliant with the ability to exchange dust emission data within the plant floor PLC/SCADA/HMI systems which all now have OPC drivers for seamless data transmission regardless of PLC protocol.


TRIBO.dgd introduced; the world's first all-digital triboelectric dust emission monitoring system for signal conditioning and data processing.


Auburn sells patented nuclear magnetic resonance division for polymer process control to Oxford Instruments, Oxford UK.


First USEPA MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) standard for secondary lead processors is promulgated, recommending triboelectric dust emission monitoring systems to identify bag leak and location.


First PC based, networked triboelectric dust emission monitoring system, TRIBO.link was released. Proprietary PC software was also introduced to collect and manage network data.


Introduction of TRIBO.guard I and II (model 4001 and 4002), designed to incorporate improved user-friendly functionality and measurement options.


Auburn buys rights and acquires Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical developing technology in Pleasanton, CA; all members of the Kaiser nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) research team agreed to join Auburn in CA.


NASA contract to develop triboelectric technology to measure mass-flow of cryogenic, liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen liquid for shuttle rocket engine launch fuel control. Patented 1998.


Model 2600 series introduced incorporating sophisticated circuitry to compensate for temperature effects causing signal shift. Several US and foreign patents granted.


First analog output electrostatic/triboelectric technology triboelectric dust emission monitor (Model 2200) installed in a cement plant to replace failed optical systems (lenses melted) in high temperature, dust collector zones causing the lenses to melt. Customer: Ideal Basic Cement, Mobile, Alabama.


First application of electrostatic/triboelectric technology for environmental particulate emission monitoring at a waste to energy incinerator, dust collector.
Customer: GE/Wheelabrator Power Plant, Lynn, Massachusetts.


First electrostatic/triboelectric technology (Model 2100) for particulate flow/no flow detection—was installed on several polyethylene pellet pneumatic transport lines to warn of reactor flow upset. Customer: DuPont, Orange TX


Auburn formed to conduct industrial research and development on a variety of nuclear reactor safety projects, principally for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Palo Alto, CA, and Oakridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, KY., Atomic Energy Canada, Ltd, Chalk River, Ontario CA. Various contract research projects were completed by 1981 when focus changed from contract research and development to proprieta

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