History of Auburn Systems & Triboelectric Technology Innovation

An Adventure Started Over 40 Years Ago

Organized by Founder Ron Dechene and colleagues Tom Smith and Bob Newton in the late seventies, Auburn Systems was a contract research and development company that strived to create novel measurement ideas. While working on projects for many different organizations (such as NASA, Oak Ridge National Labratory, Atomic Energy of Canady, and the Electric Power Research Institute), Ron began to study the physics of electrostatics and, more specifically, "the triboelectric effect". 

Ron, Tom, and Bob recognized that there was a need for a new dust and particulate flow measurement technology for large industrial dust collectors and particle flow in process operations. Auburn Systems then experienced a signifacant change in direction when Ron decided to focus on developing proprietary triboelectric technology - concieved, manufactured, and marketed by Auburn Systems. 

Since that time, Auburn Systems has been awarded over 40 patents related to triboelectric technology and has been committed to continuously improving our technology and providing our customers with the the highest quality particulate monitors for their applications.

Auburn Systems is proud to have over 45,000 units currently operating in manufacturing plants all over the world. Being the creator of triboelectric technology, Auburn Systems has been and will continue to be a pioneer and leader in our industry. 

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