As experts in the field of emissions monitoring for over 40+ years, Auburn Systems is the reliable source for all your triboelectric dust monitoring needs. Below we have gathered a variety of information on PM2.5 emissions monitoring and triboelectric dust detection technology that may be helpful to you. For the latest articles detailing on the benefits of triboelectric systems, including bag leak detection, PM 2.5 emissions monitoring, ambient dust monitoring and particle velocity monitoring for dust collection applications as well as Flow/No Flow and More Flow/Less Flow system in process applications visit our blog. Additionally, in our information center we have a number of interesting case studies and whitepapers covering Auburn's patented Triboelectric technology used in our TRIBO product line.

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Bag Leak Detection Blog

Articles covering a range of topics involving triboelectric dust monitoring and dust collector filter leak detection systems. Learn ways to improve operations, reduce operating costs and improve compliance with emissions regulations by using triboelectric detection systems from Auburn Systems.


Papers and Reports

Whitepapers and articles discussing triboelectric dust detection. Includes some articles from industry trade publications and governmental agency reports.


Case Studies

Detailed reports of benefits experienced by facilities that have incorporated Auburn Systems' TRIBO products and other associated technology into their processes.



A variety of videos that will show the different ways that plants are using triboelectric technology today.

These videos range from an overview of triboelectric technology to innovative ways to predicitive monitoring to using particle velocity to improve dilute phase pneumatic conveying processess. 


Educational Guides

A series of eBook guides designed help plant personnel to improve both environmental and process operations at their facilities. 

Explore baghouse maintenance best practices, predictive monitoring techniques, and how to select the best BLDS for your plant! 


Related Links

List of resources useful for engineering, maintenance, operations and compliance personnel working with dust collection systems.

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