Mission Statement

From the Physics of Electrostatic/Triboelectricity ... Advanced Technology

Our Mission

To offer the most reliable, robust, user-friendly products and best services for dust emissions management and particulate process control management for the markets we serve. Providing exceptional service and support is as important as providing the correct electrostatic/triboelectric device.
Auburn maintains its leadership position by constant change and constant improvement of the this unique technology introduced by us more than 30 years ago


Our Values

Auburn, along with our representatives, will not knowingly make false or unsubstantiated claims concerning the capabilities and suitability of our technology to monitor or control any process application or dust emissions monitoring project, or for any other enterprise requiring our expertise. We will conduct our financial affairs with honesty and will conform to all applicable laws and conventions relating to financial disclosure and tax laws; we will adhere to all Generally Acceptable Accounting Policies (GAAP) in the preparation of our financial reports and submissions.

Our Culture

Auburn maintains a gender and ethnically neutral workplace where successes are recognized and rewarded. We believe there is no better way to live our life style while contributing to a cleaner environment and helping manufacturers be more efficient in their manufacturing process.

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