Triboelectric Instruments

A full range of devices for environmental and process control applications (see the instruments)

Reporting & Data Management

Capture, store, monitor and slice & dice the data to save time and simply reporting and alerts (learn more)

Air Permit


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It's not just an OEM line item - designing the right system with the right devices...for your factory

Predictive Monitoring

Avoid costly & disruptive unplanned shutdowns with predictive monitoring 

The instruments are just one piece

instruments for particle detection systems

At the core of our projects is almost always some triboelectric instrumentation. The goal of projects is almost always to monitor particles - for their absence, presence or velocity.

We offer a number of different devices for different application requirements. We also have instruments which have earned specific certifications (e.g. TUV and HART)

You'll find the full line of Auburn instruments here (and even older models which are still in use) with full details on each model and suggested applications.

Reporting & Data Management

Let's face it. Part of the reason emissions monitoring is such an unpleasant topic for many is that the data collection and reporting requirements are burdensome and time consuming.

reporting for triboelectric monitoringYou may still run a system which requires running laps around the plan with a clipboard to capture periodic data from your instruments. Those clipboard sheets fill a file cabinet somewhere, and the data may be manually transcribed into an Excel sheet for "easy" access. That takes time, creates opportunity for error and doesn't do anything to help with periodic or incident reporting.

Networked devices can be connected to software which centralizes monitoring and alerts, but also collects and stores the data. And when you're ready to run a report? Just push the button. Learn more

Air Permit Planning

We're not air permit consultants, but we've helped lots of companies prepare for their permit renewals by helping them consider new technology and capabilities rather than just copy and past the past inefficiencies into the renewal permit.air permit planning assistance

We can help you compare your current technology to other options to see whether the operational, maintenance and reporting savings would justify amending the permit to bring it up to current technology.

We also provide an air permit renewal reminder service so it doesn't sneak up on you! Sign up for that here.

Systems Engineering

TRIBO_dsp_U3800.jpgIf you're looking for an instrument for your main stack, that's easy. But often companies want to leverage the various benefits of extensive networked instruments combined with software for controls, data management and reporting.

We've got engineers that will work with you step by step to determine the right degree of instrumentation - even down to the compartment, and often to the row level. Sure there's a bit of work up front, but the ability to quickly locate leaks and reduce maintenance costs can pay for itself quickly. Learn more

Predictive Monitoring

New Call-to-actionHow much hassle would you save if you knew well in advance that a leak was going to develop or that a bag was nearing the end of its usable life? And how much cost?

There's huge value in predictive monitoring - made possible with the sensitivity and reliability of Auburn's triboelectric devices. Learn more with our on demand webinar.

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Our engineers can take you through your application requirements step-by-step

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