Bag Leak Detection...Who Cares?  Who Should?  Why?

baghouseseethrough1.pngIt's all about eliminating downtime/shutdowns and reducing costs!!

Learn the ins and outs of how predictive monitoring can turn a regulatory cost into a business asset with this informative, brief 'on-demand' webinar

 Wary of webinars?  Wasted time in the past?  We understand.  And we've prepared this with you in mind.  Bringing 60 years of triboelectric detection experience to the discussion, and a focus on how the technology applies to business, we keep this to a brief 30 minutes.

 The webinar includes fascinating poll feedback from others in your position (what's their most expensive exposure around BLD), some Q&A and a lot of detail packed into 30 minutes - including:

  • really significant savings

  • technical improvements that make this possible

  • common misconceptions that hold companies back

  • what we mean by predictive monitoring

  • enormous improvements in operational flexibility

  • the bottom this all ties into costs and profitability (and we suspect you'll be shocked)

  • how to present this to your corporate finance team so they can support you...maybe even enthusiastically

This recording is available 'on-demand.'  With a quick registration you'll have ongoing access to watch when it's convenient for you.

Check it out....after all, wouldn't you love to know how to slash unplanned downtime and cut operating costs?

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