Industries and companies are different - and so are job responsibilities

Plugging technology solutions into industrial problems is easy in have to deal with reality. And that's a lot different than the ivory tower of the R&D lab and the organized assembly floor.

We work on real projects, with teams like yours. EHS & compliance engineers, maintenance teams, management & finanance and process engineers - in addition to OEMs and consultants.

We understand the constraints of tight budgets and the pressure of compliance. From mundane tasks like air permit renewal, through selecting the best BLDS and integrated system design with operational savings justifications, on up to breakthrough solutions to long-standing product damage challenges in pneumatic conveying, the technology is only relevant if it fits your priorities.



"Earl is an amazing resource. From the day they dumped responsibility for dust collection and environmental monitoring in my lap, through planning our air permit renewal to our fully integrated software and instrument solution, he's always explained and helped...and never pushed. I love working with Auburn."

Julie, Compliance Engineer, Steel Industry


Management & Finance

You're the easy target. Everyone would be able to do their job if gave them enough money, staff, etc.

We understand that you're often between the budget rock and plan hard place.

We also know that investments in triboelectric instruments are different than simple compliance spending. We can demonstrate substantial reductions in product damage in pneumatic conveyors and predictive capability that reduces unscheduled down-time in environmental systems.

We've got your back!

Environmental / Compliance Engineer

You probably didn't plan on environmental compliance being part of your list of responsibilities - but here you are.

You're on the hook to make sure the system runs and the plant remains compliant; you take the heat when there's expensive unplanned downtime; and you have to manage all the data capture, recording and reporting.

Not much fun...but we have solutions to make your job simpler. From our free Baghouse Maintenance Guide on through our technology solutions to predict issues and simplify data storage and reporting.


Bubble gum & duct tape...right?

You've got to make it run...perfectly...without the time, staff or money.

We understand. While we can't provide any of those resources we do have monitoring solutions that will predict problems - from environmental dust exceedances through blockages in pneumatic conveyors.

Our solutions are about helping you avoid problems and fix them quickly when they occur.

Process Engineer

What are those issues you think about when you're sitting in traffic on your way to work? Which ones come up in staff meetings every week?

In our experience we know that you're under pressure to reduce product damage, optimize efficiency, reduce downtime and minimize loss.

Our triboelectric instruments for particle velocity detection address the challenges of pneumatic conveying of powder and bulk solids that are common in food, pharma, chemical, plastics, feed and other industries.

Maybe we can be the great idea that you bring to your next staff meeting?


"If we can reduce damage in pneumatic conveying by just 1% that's worth thousands of dollars/day.

And if we can anticipate a blockage and clear it before it happens or even shut the line down under control, we'll save 3-4 hours of lost and unplanned plant production time.

That's huge!"

Mike, Process Engineer, Food Industry


Did you realize triboelectric detection could do so much for your business?

Our free Guide to Intelligent Monitoring provides more insights