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Setting up your new triboelectric particulate monitor? Need help setting the unit to the right sensitivity for your application?

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Upgrading Discontinued Models

While many of our older units are still operating efficiently in factories around the world, we have had many advancements in our technology since Auburn Systems invented the first Triboelectric Particulate Monitor over 40 years ago. With the advances in technology, we have had to stop producing and servicing our older units. 

Here are some of the advanced feature the TRIBO.dsp Series has: 

  • Unified DC/AC technology allowing for the most repeatable and reliable signal of any triboelectric monitor
  • All digital circuitry reduces maintenance and makes the systems easy to use
  • Easier to Install - use the same wiring and mounting as your current unit and cuts down installation time

Think it may be time to upgrade? Check out our obsolete models for upgrade options or contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss your options!

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