TRIBO.dsp U3600-QAL1 is an innovative particulate monitor ideal for dust collector compliance and maintenance applications. With its unified DC/AC design, flexible scaling and alarm features, the U3600-QAL1 is also able to be used for process flow applications.

The TRIBO.dsp U3600-QAL1 is currently certified to Air Quality standard EN 15267-1 (QAL1) by both TUV and MCERTS, with improved functionality over the original TRIBO.dsp U3600.

TRIBO.dsp U3600 Features:

  • Conforms with all of EN 15267-1 requirements, independently certified by TUV and MCERTS
  • Wide dynamic range, used to monitor flow or emissions applications
  • Continuous 4-20 mA output
  • One relay for alarm purposes (high or low, with selectable threshold and delay)
  • One relay for identifying that system is performing zero / span-check
  • Signal can be calibrated to display mg/m3
  • No zero or drift adjustments required
  • Automatic probe contamination check
  • Password protection

Applications for the U3600-QAL1

  • Emissions Monitoring
    • Bag leak detection
    • Dust collector maintenance
    • Product loss prevention
    • Equipment protection
    • EPA/MACT Compliance
  • Process Monitoring
    • Process optimization
    • Gravity feed
    • Injection flow
    • Material flow
    • Flow/no flow detection
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