triboelectric instruments are perfect for bag leak detection systems or blds

Predictive Monitoring and Alerts

Triboelectric bag leak detection systems can detect leaks just minutes after developing. Early failure detection can save users significant maintenance and operating costs when operators respond to the onset of filter problems before disastrous failures occur. Undetected leaks eventually develop into severe collector failures and significant plant disruption and downtime to correct the problem. In some cases when fabric filters are used to collect the final product, such as in the cement industry, filter failure results in economic loss as well as additional air pollution.

Real World Savings

Auburn Bag Leak Detectors saved one South Carolina aluminum reduction facility $200,000 annually by replacing optical technology. During testing of the two technologies side by side, a 1/4” hole was cut in one filter bag and then placed back into the dust collection system with 8 compartments and a total of 18,000 filters. The continuous opacity monitoring system (COMS) took 2 days to detect the leak, by which time the hole had increased in size to over 8” and over 60 cubic feet of dust had piled up in the dust collector (requiring nearly 10 man hours to remove). In contrast, TRIBO.dsp system from Auburn was able to detect the hole in less than 1 hour while the hole was still 1/4”. The resulting remediation took only a few minutes. Most importantly, the TRIBO.dsp prevented the release of large amounts of emissions that would have resulted in a reportable event and certain fines or sanctions for the plant.

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