Auburn Systems application engineering services for triboelectric instrumentation projects

The right instruments in the right configuration

We're not contract engineers that bring a team into your facility, conduct a full audit, produce a complex report and provide lots of detailed system drawings.

We're instrumentation experts that know the questions we need to ask to help ensure you understand options and capabilities, and we match technology to requirements.

Process control vs. environmental monitoring

Our application questionnaire is the foundation for our triboelectric application engineering services. With the input from your team we'll start to ask some questions.

For process control applications (e.g. pneumatic conveyor particle velocity detection) we focus on the operational improvement objectives - often reducing the incidence of product damage and system blockages.

For environmental monitoring applications we focus more on the regulatory requirements.

Common considerations

Generally our application engineering process addresses the following points:

  • required outputs
  • regulatory requirements
  • monitoring options (single vs. multiple points)
  • installation locations
  • probe configuration

Give & take - designing in flexibility

There are always multiple ways to address applications. So we outline options, including pros, cons and cost implications.

One thing that's part of all our triboelectric application engineering projects is to plan for future flexibility and expansion. Only able to monitor down to the compartment level now but hope to extend to the row level in a couple years? Let's build in required flexibility.


Ready for your triboelectric application engineering review?

We're happy to work with you on an application review. Let's start with the application questionnaire and we'll be in touch.
Application Questionnaire