This Product is Discontinued

Rugged and reliable, the TRIBO.guard 4001 Bag Leak Detector monitors the outlet ducts of dust collectors. This detector can sense the dust level in collector exhaust air and compare it with an adjustable set point.

Through the relay output, the detector can sound an alarm if emissions increase beyond an acceptable level. For process flow applications, our optional Model 4011 is a reliable flow/no flow detector to monitor stream disruption of dry solids in bulk handling and pneumatic conveying applications.

The TRIBO.guard detector activates a relay contact, initiating an alarm or operational function. Unlike optical devices that rely on clean, aligned lenses and indirect measurement of light transmission, TRIBO.guard bag leak detectors are a virtually maintenance-free, direct method of dust collector leak detection. Auburn’s TRIBO.series provides the most reliable and repeatable bag leak detection systems available.

For environmental monitoring applications:
• Economic bag leak detection
• Easy-to-use tri-color LED display
• 5A SPDT relay output
• Remote or integral sensor option
• Ring sensors available for small size pipe or tubing

For process flow applications:
• Reliable flow/no flow detection option (Model 4011)

TRIBO.guard detectors are available in an integral sensor configuration with a NEMA 4 enclosure or in a remote sensor configuration with a NEMA 4/7/9 electronics enclosure for high temperature applications with a NEMA 4X remote sensor enclosure.
An optional window front allows operators to check performance without opening the enclosure. CE Approved.


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