This Product is Discontinued

The TRIBO.guard II Model 4002 Dust Monitor continuously monitors dust in exhaust ducts to detect filter failures. The 4002 detects changes in the levels and warns of impending failure before emissions become visible. Continuous 4-20mA output is linked to data loggers or other devices, such as PLCs, to record emissions levels, pinpoint maintenance problems, or document Clean Air compliance.

The 4002 monitors are also used to quickly locate and pinpoint dust collector leaks by row or compartment from a remote location when linked with our proprietary TRIBO.trac Leak Locator System. Used with Auburn’s TRIBO.prevent Dual-Level Alarm System, the 4002 provides both early warning and high level (reportable incident) alarms.
Model 4002 monitors are available in an integral sensor configuration with a NEMA 4 enclosure or in a remote sensor configuration with a NEMA 4/7/9 electronics enclosure for high temperature applications with a NEMA 4X remote sensor enclosure.

• Continuous 4-20mA output and 0-100% LED bar graph
• Remote or integral sensor available
• Easy-to-use controls with standard window enclosure
• Optional TRIBO.prevent with Dual-Level Alarms
• Optional TRIBO.trac Leak Locator
• CE Approved

TRIBO.guard monitors are field proven with thousands in service today. All TRIBO.series dust detectors incorporate triboelectric technology. All Auburn products have been updated and improved to address more challenging dust collector maintenance and performance requirements appearing in virtually every materials manufacturing industry today.


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